Just Imagine…

An Untouchable future.

Imagine a global peer-run network that combines Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, and Netflix’s functionality and services.
Now, imagine that network to have better cybersecurity than the United States Military.
Next, imagine the approval upon the privacy of blockchain technology embedded in this network.
Finally, imagine all of that in the palm of your hand.
Accessible anywhere, anytime, and can never be turned off.
Untouchable by governments, Big Tech and cancel culture.



These are just a few key features of the Novus.One platform.


With all the best features of other social networks you already use, Novus.One already has a familiar feeling when navigation the site.


We utilize AES-256-CBC military-grade encryption, Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ), and multiple blockchains to keep your data safe and secure.


In a similar fashion to a blockchain wallet, your data is only accessible by you, identified by a DID (Digital ID), and accessible only with a secure passkey.


Censorship, shadow banning, deflatforming… These things don’t happen on Novus. We believe all humans reserve the basic right to Freedom of speech.

newsfeed timeline live chat messages photo albums follow system pages groups movies profile customization user profile info notifications hashtags mentions post publisher blog events market likes dislikes comments replies sharing post privacy anonymous posting activities multi-languages rtl verified profile/pages responsive password recovery emoticons gifs stickers plus many many more…

Mobile Apps.
Coming Soon.

Apple and Android apps are both in development and will be available for download by Q4 2021


Full Mobile Platform App

Messenger App

Mobile Creator App
(For Content Creators)(Android/iOS)

Standalone Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

QwikCam Fast-Ready Live Video Streaming

Active to say the least.

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Countries Reached. As Of Today.

The Novus.One Team

Our dedicated and loyal team members.

Shadow Precious

Social Media Manager

Dominic Mann

Community Manager

The Novus.One Advisors

The brilliant minds steering us on the correct path.

Max Ng

CEO/Founder at CryptoProfile

Rob Loggia

Chief Operating Officer | Team McAfee ~ Campaign Manager | McAfee 2020

What Our Community Is Saying

Real non-sponsored reviews of our platform.

This is lovely and I know many will love to make use of this medium to network.

Samuel Olapade

via Novus.One

In a time where the shady backroom dealings of social media companies have profound implications on election results, trust in government and media, and the continuation of our society and nation as a whole, it’s amazing to see a company like Novus come forward with proposals that not only outline a clear path forward but have taken steps to write those ethics into the very fabric of the site’s code. I look forward to seeing what comes of this experiment and hope it grows as quickly as it deserves.

I think this an awesome platform, especially the ability to design my profile brings me back to the good o’ days of myspace!

Danny Suero

via Novus.One

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