Novus.One is not simply “another blockchain social network. That is the equivalent to saying the ocean is just water. Novus.One is an entire blockchain ecosystem with an “everything-in-one (EIO)” social core that precisely weaves others crypto and non-crypto sub-ecosystems together within a safe and secure environment where cryptocurrency and freedom of speech can thrive. – CEO, Novus.One Inc.

Novus.One was born out of the necessity to socialize in an online environment without the worries of your security or privacy being jeopardized on top of censorship and silencing. Facebook, especially, as well as Twitter and YouTube have increasingly been in the news for security breaches, privacy violations, data violations, and the control of our human right to free speech. The bottom line is the power has gone to their collective heads and they are abusing that power by controlling what you can and cannot post or share while not protecting your data they do allow.

Is Novus right for you?
Ask yourself these following questions:


  • Are you concerned about your online security?
  • Are you concerned about your privacy while online?
  • Is the right to free speech and expression important to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we suggest you continue reading.

The following documentation gives detailed information about what has been done so far, what we’re currently doing, and what we have planned for the future.



While social networking is nothing new, the way that it’s conducted these days are. The digital age of social networking sites started in 1997 with Six Degrees. They were the first social site to allow profile uploads and friends of other users. In 1999, the blogging era emerged which sparked the fire to the forge modern social media sites. In the early 2000s, MySpace and LinkedIn hit the scene and fueled the fire further. By 2006 the world took notice of Facebook and Twitter who both till this day sits at the top of the ladder.

We can only speculate about what the future of social networking may look like in the next decade or even 100 years from now, but it seems clear that it will exist in some form for as long as humans are alive. [2]

There are many other social sharing sites such as YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Photobucket amongst others that are not as widely used or are media-specific that seem to be more of an assistant to the major platforms.

It is within our nature to communicate and expand our circles for personal or business reasons and the bottom line is social networking will always exist, but from time to time it needs to evolve to fit our current needs. With COVID-19 being a prime example of the importance of adapting to the times.

Deplatforming: also known as no-platforming, is a form of political activism or prior restraint by an individual, group, or organization with the goal of shutting down controversial speakers or speech or denying them access to a venue in which to express their opinion. [3]


Where to begin…

The biggest complaint seen and heard is about privacy. It seems ironic that privacy is a concern in a world where status updates are so important to a user’s day. While some people feel comfortable oversharing their life, they don’t feel comfortable knowing what they are sharing is being monitored. Their data is not private from advertising agencies. Their data is not private from government agencies. Their data is not private from the platform itself. The data they think is private is only private to other users.

Not to single out a specific platform because they are all guilty of breaching their own privacy policies, but Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have had to go before the US Congressional hearing board to explain his company’s user data violations. Data on Facebook is being collected and used by advertisers and governments in ways that violate your privacy on a massive scale.

There are almost endless claims against the “big tech” social networks for privacy violations and security issues. Hackers have successfully hacked Facebook, Twitter, Google, and everything else. When it comes to freedom, you may not even think about the fact you have very little on these platforms. They are governed by the beliefs of the platform executives, investors, and agencies that monitor the network.

Another common concern is censorship. The “people behind the curtain” of these platforms base their policies upon their own beliefs or the beliefs of those bankrolling the platform. They block pages, posts are hidden from followers, they delete posts, delete videos, ban accounts, and the list goes on and on. If you post something controversial it results in the content being deleted or the author becomes a victim of a social burn notice. Social platforms lack morality and humanity. They put their personal agendas before their community that they built, leaving their community to suffer the consequences of their poor decisions.


The solution is so simple that it should already exist, but sadly it does not.

Welcome to Novus.One!

Free from government, political, and special interest influence, Novus.One will remain pure and true to its mission of providing a secure, private and censorship free digital community.

The following content explains our solution in greater detail and will be updated in future revisions to include any new information and technology we may add or change


Let’s start with the long answer, and later the short one.

Novus.One Beta is a blockchain assisted everything-in-one platform with a social network core. Some may think of it as a new “social platform on steroids”, minus all the corruption and lies of course. Novus.One will give users a unique interactive experience connecting with friends, families, and businesses.

Some of the exciting and innovative features that make Novus.One Beta a Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube replacement are security, privacy, and freedom among many, many more. The Novus.One platform will never insecurely store our user’s private data, but instead, store it safely in military grade encrypted network infrastructure.

The above points make for the foundation, the crucial building blocks to the rest of its features. Aside from social networking, users will be able to execute a wide range of features such as donations, games, music, videos, courses, pay bills, order delivery of products and services, buy and sell items, send and receive funds in an instant, get paid to play games such as Fortnite, and so much more.

Novus.One will eventually replace ALL big tech and be completely community owned. There will be no board of suits controlling every pixel on the network. Once the network is established with 2 million+ nodes (users) and 1000+ Global Processor nodes, Novus.One Inc. will serve only as a development team to add new functionality to the platform.

Novus.One utilizes all the functionality and security of the Ethereum blockchain and once our network infrastructure is embedded within the Ethereum network, it will become impossible to shut down. It will be global. It will be forever.

Powered by key industry partners, the Novus.One mission is becoming a reality.

And, it’s just the beginning.

So, back to the question, what is Novus.One? The short answer is… “The Future”.


At the core of our security will be the Ethereum Blockchain. But we are adding extra layers on top of it to ensure we have an airtight network free from hackers.

We will be utilizing pre-existing technologies such as the Signal Protocol library developed and used by Proton Mail ( A ratcheting forward secrecy protocol that works in synchronous and asynchronous messaging environments. ) to help secure data transmitted between users. We will also be utilizing E2EE (End 2 End Encryption) standards to help fill in any bare spots in the Ethereum protocol. All of our data will use AES-256-CBC (US military grade encryption) to protect the anonymity of our data.

The platform will utilize Ethereum Smart Contracts to communicate with the blockchain and serve as yet another security feature of the platform. Within these Smart Contracts, we will have multiple “check points” to ensure the data has not been modified, manipulated or changed in any way from the original data transmitted, using an MD5 hash of the original data block.

We continue to research and communicate with professionals in the fields of blockchain security, cyber security and military security to ensure we have and are using the best standards and technology available to secure Novus.One.


Privacy on a social platform may seem like an oxymoron but it is a real concern. While you may think your data is private, it is not. Have you read the terms of service, terms and conditions, and privacy policies that come with your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.? Did you know that anything you post on Facebook no longer belongs to you? The instant you click “share” that data belongs to Facebook. This includes your normal status updates, photos, videos, anything put on their servers. Facebook gives/sells your data to advertisers on and off their platform. They do not protect your data, but instead, they collect it for a paycheck.

Novus.One users will retain complete ownership of their data (fully GDPR compliant) and have full decisions regarding whether to use their data in optional ways which will financially benefit them.

Some data will be stored locally on the users device which aids the platform in being serverless but all sensitive data (personal data) will be stored on the blockchain where it is safe and immutable. Each user will have an Ethereum Wallet when their account is created and the private key will also act as a “key” to their data on the blockchain ensuring they are the only ones who can access it and modify it.


Novus.One users will always own their data. The revolutionary aspect of blockchain technology is that it allows individuals ownership over their created digital content down to a micro-level. Facebook and Twitter was created before the emergence of blockchain technology, and it’s based on an outdated model.

Various well-known social media outlets have a demonstrated history of banning users who they determine are offensive. The Novus.One platform will not ban users for alleged “controversial opinions.” We intend to preserve freedom of speech, and no voice will be silenced. It’s a basic right that all humans deserve regardless of race, religion or political views.

We believe in providing a platform that prioritizes and ensures freedom of speech as a core value, allowing users to self-regulate. If you see a post you do not wish to see then choose to hide the post, unfollow/unfriend, or block the user. You will never see it again. We are giving back the power to the community. It’s time we act like adults again and not expect the “guy behind the curtain” to fix everything. Relying on the platform to police your social experience is how Facebook and Twitter gained so much power over their community.


  • Novus.One is developing a blockchain ecosystem that can encapsulate and integrate various blockchains. This is a key component of cryptocurrency mass adoption.
  • We will be incorporating as many blockchains as possible into the Novus.One platform for various purposes and at the very least to use wallets natively within the platform.
  • This is one of the functions of the Processor Nodes, to be a “hub” for blockchain meshing.
  • There is no “one” perfect blockchain or technology out there. All blockchains serve a purpose and we want to showcase that purpose as best we can.


Our biggest contribution to mass adoption will be our blockchain ecosystem with seamlessly interconnected sub-ecosystems and a platform full of users to interact with it all.

“…Coinbase’s CEO said that a cryptocurrency can achieve mass adoption by improving scalability and usability while reducing volatility.” [5]

We are in agreement with Brian Armstrong but we also believe that mass adoption needs to start at the grassroots level. Think of it as reverse supply and demand. With blockchain/cryptocurrency, there is a boatload of supply but little demand in comparison.

Our platform will be marketed in such a way that makes it desirable to the masses, not just crypto enthusiasts. With a platform full of cryptocurrency use-cases and a mixed global community the only thing remaining is time.

Once the non-crypto members of the platform experience crypto and its potential to solve so many world issues, we believe the time-tested tool of word-of-mouth will create the desired buzz needed for the rest of the world to stop sitting on their hands and jump on board.


  • Earn NVS
    • -Posting content
    • -Referring users
  • Secure Ethereum Wallet
  • Spend NVS
    • -Boost posts
    • -Add account features
    • -Purchase goods and services from partners
  • Newsfeed
  • Timeline
  • Live Chat
  • Messages
  • Photo Albums
  • Follow System
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Movies
  • Profile Customization
  • User Profile Info
  • Notifications
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions
  • Reactions
  • Badges
  • Post Publisher
  • Blog
  • Events
  • Market
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Comments
  • Replies
  • Sharing
  • Post Privacy
  • Anonymous Posting
  • Activities
  • Multi-Languages
  • RTL
  • Verified Profile/Pages
  • Responsive
  • Password Recovery
  • Emoticons
  • GIFs
  • Stickers
  • Plus many many more…


Secure social networking on-the-go with Novus.One Apps!

Our goal is to have Novus.One available on every device, everywhere:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Amazon
  • iOS
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Roku

With the Novus.One mobile app, you will have the full functionality of the Novus.One web platform in the palm of your hand at home, at work, or on the go. You’ll never miss an update!

With ConnectOne you will have all of your future, current, and past messages ready to be read and responded to no matter where you are.

WalletOne is a Standalone wallet application that allows you to use all the functionality of the Novus.One Wallet (Desktop & Web) in a standalone mobile application.

With ViewOne you are able to view live or uploaded videos, tip a streamer
subscribe/support, like, and also live stream and upload your own videos.

All apps will be native to their platform.


View here.

Our team is comprised of talented individuals from different professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds who share a passion for cryptocurrency and its impact on the future of finance and technology. The Novus.One platform was envisioned by their collective ideas and desire to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.


View here.

Our advisors were selected based on their expertise in areas of business,
cryptocurrency, and technology. Each advisor brings their own unique skillset to the table that will contribute directly to the success of Novus.



The following information is our token economics:

Total Supply
750,000,000 NVS


Token Name

Ticker Symbol

Token Start Price


Token Contract


Crowdsale (60%)
450,000,000 NVS

Founders (10%)
75,000,000 NVS

Community Team (5%)
37,500,000 NVS

Airdrop (5%)
37,500,000 NVS

Bounty (5%)
37,500,000 NVS

Advisors (5%)
37,500,000 NVS

Reserve (10%)
75,000,000 NVS


We will not be doing “traditional” airdrops due to the increasing use of bots by people cheating the system. Instead, we will be doing contests and promotions that require actual human interaction in order to receive NVS. Exact details are not yet available but will be released on our social media channels with plenty of notice. We will also be doing “secret” aidrops that we will not be advertising but will award for reasons we see fit. All we will say is we appreciate our community support.


As with the airdrops we will be doing things a little differently than most. We will create bounties of various types that require actual human interaction and verification. From user-verified referrals, creating videos, supporting our partners, daily check-ins, etc. We will be adding many bounties over the coming months. If you have ideas for bounties, we would love to hear them. Tweet @novusone and we will check them out.


We realize how important our community is to our success and we want to show our thanks by making sure the community team is well taken care of. We are setting aside a large portion of NVS for them. We have allocated $1,500,000 worth of NVS (37,500,000 NVS) to award our community team. A majority of our team resides within the United States and have been afforded opportunity and freedoms than other parts of the world, unfortunately, are not able so we want to make sure that you are rewarded for your time.

“I am a strong believer in the U.S. Constitution, and what it stands for, should be at the forefront of every government action regarding the rights of the people it governs. With that being said I have the opportunity with the Novus Platform to afford the rights of the U.S. Constitution to everyone on the platform regardless of citizenship or nationality.” – Jason, CEO.


Our carefully-designed user interface optimizes usability for our platform users. Accessibility and usability are further expanded through the addition of mobile and desktop apps.

From the start, NVS tokens will have multiple use cases within our platform and new use cases being added frequently. We will offer token packs of various sizes to be purchased on the platform to be used for such things as feature upgrades, tipping, creator support & subscriptions, advertising, service payments, MarketOne purchases, limited-edition customizations, and many more. There will never be a shortage of uses for NVS tokens within the Novus Platform.

NVS will not be limited or restricted to any single use-case. One of the fundamental principles is showing the world that there are endless use cases for cryptocurrency.

Goods and services will be paid for with NVS tokens that can be purchased directly on the platform or through future exchanges. Current and future partnerships will use a shared token system where their token will be implemented into the platform and accepted for all the same things participants can use NVS for.